1.Research Program:

1.1 Academic Research & Publication;

1.2 Ensure the Institute has national and international impact;

1.3 Increase number of research partners; and

1.4 Identify research gaps and attract funding.

2.Graduate Program:

2.1 Develop a national graduate program through the School of Postgraduate Studies;

2.2 Co-supervise postgraduate candidates by internal and external partners;

2.3 Enable postgraduate student collaboration across PNG institutional and external partners; and

2.4 Build the postgraduate program through graduate fellowships and scholarships. Postgraduate students can do research for their postgraduate degrees in the Research Centres and they can continue afterward in the Research Centre through a Research Fellowship.

3. National Research Agenda:

3.1 Respond to government research priorities;

3.2 Provide data to inform policy and development;

3.3 Fill in national research gaps in knowledge, practice and skills; and

3.4 Serve as a research arm for the national government.

4. Research Collaboration Partnership:

4.1 Establish policies and structure for research collaboration locally and internationally;

4.2 Conduct national conferences, workshops and research training programs;

4.3 Bid for national and international research funding; and

4.4 Develop and share best practices, tools and methodologies.

5. Community Outreach:

5.1 Build a media, communications and marketing team led by the media officer;

5.2 Develop a website led by the Web Master;

5.3 Communicate Centre Research to Schools to encourage research; and

5.4 Communicate research outputs to government, industry and community.

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The University of Goroka (UOG) is the third largest of the six universities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is by far the largest teacher education institution. The University was formed in 1997 from two faculties...


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