Somare Research Institute


Dr. Jane Pumai Awi (PhD)

Executive Director - Somare Research Institute


The University of Goroka is a state-run academic institution, which encompasses the primary objective of conducting university-level education through teaching, research, publication, and the dissemination of research results for the benefit of its students, staff, and a wider audience including local communities. Research activities and teaching at the University of Goroka are supported in Article 5 of the University of Goroka Act, 1997.  Article 5 of the Act is dedicated to the pursuit, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for human resource development and other development needs of the country, which should be done through teaching, research, and community service. The University of Goroka's Corporate and Strategic Plan (2023-2027) places a strong emphasis on Research, Innovation, and Development within Pillar No. 3. This strategic approach enables the university to actively engage in research activities and foster collaborations with local communities not only in Papua New Guinea and the broader Melanesian region but also across the Pacific and globally.



About The University of Goroka

The University of Goroka (UOG) is the third largest of the six universities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is by far the largest teacher education institution. The University was formed in 1997 from two faculties...


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