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Dr. Savitha De Britto, MSc, PhD

Executive Dean – School of Science & Technology


"Imparting Scientific Knowledge for Tomorrow"

It is with great pleasure that I invite all prospective candidates and the general public to the official website of the School of Science & Technology. I am delighted to present to those prospective applicants who wish to apply for studies under the different programmes offered by the School of Science and Technology. There are many programmes on offer which you can choose from to pursue careers of your choice, and this should be in line with your subject combinations undertaken at the Secondary School level, also meeting our required GPA. We are proudly committed to pursuing UOG's Motto in the quality of our programs: "Creating the Future"!!!


The School of Science and Technology (SoST) offers Bachelor of Science Education programmes and other Science Content Degrees. Some of these are in the areas of Agriculture Extension, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Health (Health Education, Health Teaching and Midwifery) at the undergraduate level.


For those aspirants who wish to pursue Post-Graduate studies, you can choose from the Bachelor of Science with Honors, Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy in Science. Many of our undergraduates from our content degree programmes since 2010 have been employed in various capacities as quality control officers, work supervisors, senior environmental officers, scientific research officers, data analysts and computer science programmers in multiple industries and research organizations. However, most of our Bachelor of Science Education program graduates are in Secondary Schools as Science Teachers, Senior School Subject Masters, Head of Departments, Deputy Principals and Principals.


The SoST promotes creativity and sustainability, which are the core subjects of learning involving scientific approaches to synthesizing a product or method with highly skilled and innovative minds. Our science content and the teacher-trained education graduate have the appropriate attributes required for the profession as scientists, health professionals or science and mathematics teachers.


The School of Science & Technology is proud to be associated with the University of Goroka in contributing to developing the human resources needs of the country through the highly skilled workforce for future generations.



A leading School that produces confident, responsible, respectful, resilient, highly motivated, skillful and knowledgeable learners for life.

To create innovative minds through scientific approaches.


Imparting Scientific Knowledge for Tomorrow.



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