A research policy framework for SRI guided by the University of Goroka Strategic and Corporate Plan has been developed. This framework highlights the Institute’s research goals, research strategies, success indicators and objectives.


Research Goals:

  • Leading in developing the best teaching and learning strategies and approaches for the Teacher Education Program;

  • Responding to the National Government Research Agenda and contributing to addressing gaps in knowledge, skills, and practices;

  • Improving understanding of community problems and providing solutions;

  • Building a strong research culture at UOG and expanding its network with external institutions at the national and international level; and

  • Developing best practices and solutions for industry application.


Research Strategies:

  • Explore the best approaches and creative strategies for teaching and learning to develop and maintain a competitive teacher education program;

  • Respond to National Government Research Priorities;

  • Build a research data bank for information conservation and sustainable utilisation;

  • Train the next generation of PNG researchers and academics;

  • Engage in national and international research partnerships; and

  • Communicate research outputs to industry partners, the government, and all relevant community stakeholders, honestly and with integrity.


The Institute’s Success depends on:

  • Increased academic research and publication targeting high-quality international journals of A and B rank;

  • Improved delivery of the Teacher Education Program;

  • Improved training of graduate students in research, and addressing demand;

  • Translating the PNG government research agenda into policy development;

  • Impacting community welfare and industry practice;

  • Increasing research partnerships and collaboration locally and internationally; and

  • Communicating research outputs for wider community outcomes.


Strategic Objectives:

  • Drive quality research and publication;

  • Drive excellence in post graduate research, and graduate programs;

  • Deliver on the national government research agenda;

  • Drive a vibrant research culture at the University; and

  • Establish a research information storage and dissemination hub.


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The University of Goroka (UOG) is the third largest of the six universities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is by far the largest teacher education institution. The University was formed in 1997 from two faculties...


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