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Ms. Joy

Ms. Joy Asiure
Director - Centre for Educational Research


Centre for Educational Research of the School of Education was officially opened on 25th October 2017. The Centre shall undertake interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researches in all aspects of education. Its focus shall be on current issues, processes and phenomena at the interface between education and the larger society, providing inputs to policy making.


Research for development:

Research problems or issues will have relevance to social development, especially for the marginalized groups.

Monitoring relevant databases:

The database on all relevant researches in the focal areas will be maintained regularly by the Centre and disseminate to other stakeholders.

Collaboration with related agencies:

Preference will be given to collaborative research with other agencies.

Dissemination for social transformation:

Research findings shall be appropriately disseminated for social transformation.

Organizing In-service Training Seminars:

In-service Training programs for the academics and non-academics of the UOG are also incorporated within the Centre for Educational Research.

The Centre shall look into issues concerning education in an integrated manner and its main aim will be to permeate quality education at the grassroots level.

The specific themes of research will be determined from time to time such as e-learning, tele-education, globalization and innovations in education.

The Centre shall undertake and support collaborative research projects in Education in key areas such as Improving Quality in Rural Education, Reducing Wastage and Stagnation, Dropouts and Push outs, Curriculum and Teaching, Standard Based Education (SBE); Education of the Physically Challenged, Value oriented Education, Women’s Education, Teacher Empowerment through Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, Educational Leadership and Management. Proposals from bona fide researchers who are Doctoral Level Supervisors and with affiliation to recognized institutions shall be called for each year in the priority areas.

Programmes of the Centre are to be projected by International Collaborations, organizing UOG wide series of seminars, symposia, and special lectures etc. on upcoming themes for research by national and international level experts, brain storming sessions, workshops, colloquial and training.

The Centre shall be governed by an Advisory Board.The Advisory Board shall meet once a year, review the programmes and activities of the Centre and decide on the broad policy matters. The Advisory Board will also scrutinize and approve the budget and the audited statement of accounts. The members of the Advisory Board can also contribute to the mobilization of resources and to secure funded projects from other institutions and agencies. The Advisory Board will consist of thirteen members appointed initially for three years; the Vice Chancellor of the University of Goroka will be the Chairperson.

A full-time Director is appointed initially for three years by the Executive Dean of the School of Education in consultations with the Chairman of the Advisory Board, ratified by the Academic Board of the School and Advisory Board of the Centre. Director is the officer who is controlling, coordinating and managing the activities of the Centre in consultations with the Executive Dean and the Chairman of the Advisory Board. The Director is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre and he is accountable to the Advisory Board of the Centre through the Executive Dean.

The Advisory Board shall be more flexible in its structure and composition and consists of 15 members. There will be provision for extending ad hoc invitations to individuals who, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Advisory Board or of the Director, are likely to make fruitful contributions to the deliberations of the panel. 

The Vice Chancellor as the chairman has been given the full authority to make executive decisions on behalf of the Advisory Board. 

The Centre shall have a website and obtain linkage to similar sites all over the world.

The Centre shall bring out a professional journal titled Papua New Guinea Journal of Teacher Education devoted to the dissemination of findings from research in education.  Each issue shall be on hard copies and uploaded onto its website after the release of the next issue. 

As the official publisher, the journal will be published in the name of the Chief Managing Editor and Production Executive, Dr. Kainaro Kravia (PhD), School of Education, The University of Goroka.

The Centre shall invite consultants both internally and internationally who have expertise in areas relating to specific programmes and projects. 

The Centre can also invite visiting Fellows and Research Assistants to offer training programmes, seminars, workshops relating to educational research. 

They will be paid travel expenses and honorarium besides local hospitality, as per university norms.


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