A List of our IDFL Staff Members.

Staffing at IDFL Office in UOG

  1. Mr. Wendell Smith - Senior Instructional Designer
  2. Mr. Kiap Kuriya - Executive Officer
  3. Mrs. Dende Waii - Admin Officer
  4. Mrs. Melisha Nime - Personal Assistant
  5. Mr. Joannes Wassa - Production Officer
  6. Mr. John Nikints - Accounts Officer
  7. Mrs. Lisa Sakalio - Enrolment Officer

Staffing at IDFL Campuses/Study Centres

Highlands Regional Open Campus (HROC)

  1. Mr. Hugo Kop- Director HROC
  2. Ms. Belinda Amos- Admin Officer
  3. Mr. Alfred John
  4. Mrs. Veroica Kunai

Southern Regional Open Campus (SROC)

  1. Mr. Mark Gundu - Director SROC
  2. Mr. Paulus Honga - Admin officer
  3. Mrs. Mirriam Michae l- Personal Assistant

New Guinea Islands Regional Open Campus (NGIROC)

  1. Ass Professor Kelep Malpo - Director NGIROC
  2. Mr. Linsy Eruel- Admin Officer
  3. Mrs. Leoba Passingan- Personal Assistant

Autonomous Region of Bougainville Open Campus (AROBOC)

  1. Mr. Martin Kaori - Acting Director
  2. Mr. Martin Kaorui - Admin officer
  3. Miss. Monica Batua

Simbu Study Centre

  1. Mr. Robert Sine - Coordinator
  2. Mrs. Betty Bal

Enga Study Centre

  1. Mr. Ignatus Pappa - Coordinator
  2. Mrs. Anne Samalio - Personal Assistant

Maprik Study Centre

  1. Mrs. Thresa Dingu - Coordinator
  2. Mrs. Karitas Tekal - Personal Assistant

Morobe Study Centre

  1. Mrs. Helen Javienga - Coordinator
  2. Mr. Jerry Wanu - Admin Officer

Hela Study Centre

  1. Mr. Thomas Kopari - Coordinator
  2. Mrs. Martina Steven

Southern Highlands Study Centre

  1. Mr. Simon Paraun - Coordinator
  2. Mr. Darius Potu - Admin Officer

Madang Study Centre

  1. Mr. Peter Bepi - Acting Coordinator
  2. Mrs. Ismelda Aloi

Eastern Highlands Study Centre

  1. Mr. John Nikints - Acting Coordinator
  2. Mr. Joshua Tuge - Admin Officer
  3. Mrs. Esther Hasu - Personal Assistant

Pacific Open Campus (POC-Honiara)

  1. Mr. Richard Pilapitu - Director
  2. Mr. Norman Hatigeva - Admin Officer
  3. Ms. Mercy Semo - Personal Assistant



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